We’re so excited to launch our new Happy Hour! Every Friday and Saturday night from 4-9pm at our brick and mortar location @ 1981 W Burnside, check out our new menu of night time drinks, small plates, snacks and sweets. Come chill at our bar and watch movies and play games on our new big screen projector. Showtime starts around 8pm each night. Check out the menu below.


(pints / 5 oz. pours)

breakside i.p.a.

pelican tsunami stout

zoiglhaus pilsner

logsdon farmhouse ale

bauman’s dry cider

la familia tamarindo cider



sparkling rosé

red blend

cabernet sauvignon


(2+ oz. pours)

maple old fashioned

elderflower-yuzu gin & juice

double ginger moscow mule

mango-tangerine margarita

verjus negroni

classic martini

irish coffee

cinnamon hot toddy


popcorn chicken and waffles

spicy truffle honey, honey butter,

mama lil’s peppers, baby basil

george foreman grilled cheeseburger

double cheese panini, 1/4 lb. grass fed beef,

tomato, iceberg, shaved onion,

ketchup and black garlic aioli

scotch egg caesar salad

avocado, cucumber, radish,

parmigiano reggiano

nacho napoleon*

coriander lime zest tortillas, beer chili,

crème fraîche, pico de gallo,

guacamole and queso fresco


rosemary garlic waffle fries - $4*

bloody mary ketchup

heirloom popcorn - $4*

popped to order,

sea salt and brown butter bits

green goddess brussels sprouts - $7*

fried cauliflower and candy spiced bar nuts

billionaire bacon - $7*

crusted with maple sugar and

crushed hazelnuts

jalapeño hush puppy donuts - $4

green pepper marmalade,

baked cheddar crunchies

dark chocolate soufflé - $8*

cranberry filling and creme brûlée ice cream with torched sugar shards

*veg / vegan / gluten free option availabl